About BMCF

The Boulder Men’s Christian Fellowship (BMCF) is a diverse and changing group of Christian men from all walks of life that has been meeting weekly for prayer, praise, mutual support, instruction, insight, uplift and fellowship since 1982.  It is part of the body of Christ and a piece of true Americana.  All are welcome any time.

About the Men of BMCF

Over the years hundreds of men have found uplifting messages, comfort, fellowship, a place of worship and inspiration at BMCF.  Some are active members of their own churches.  For some, BMCF is their only church.  Some are successful businessmen.  Some are in personally trying times or face huge health, financial or family issues.  All are in life’s transitions.

There are old and young, men of all colors and nationalities, students, retirees, blue collar, white collar, clergy, laymen, natives and immigrants.  There are some of great faith and those whose faith has been shaken and needs support.  All are equal in the eyes of God.  All are sinners with clay feet.


With a new speaker from a different walk of life every week the range of topics and perspectives on the living God is varied and huge and never exhausted.  Whether clergy or professional speaker, missionary, scholar or simple Christian brother, each adds a unique point of view on the huge God of the Bible.  All have something of value to share and so bless us with their perspective of the Lord.  We are blessed by these speakers and are sincerely grateful for their insights and contributions.


Please join us any Friday morning.  Bring a friend.

God bless you.

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