Speaker History

Date Speaker Source Web
9/7/12 Karry Kelley World Team www.worldteam.org
8/31/12 Rick Roberts Resurrection Construction
8/24/12 Ryan Mohling Young Life International
8/17/12 Jerry Swanson Gideons www.gideons.org
8/10/12 Dick Miller pastor, Ephiphany Anglican Fellowship www.EpiphanyAnglican.org
8/3/12 Randy Mills www.Revive1787.com
7/27/12 Linda Woods Campus Cruscade for Christ
7/20/12 Rich Bledsoe Minister
7/13/12 Dana Alford American Exceptionalism
7/6/12 Graydon Jessup, Pastor Boulder Valley Christian Church
6/29/12 Joe Herzanek Changing Lives Foundation www.drug-addiction-help-now.org/
6/22/12 Noel Hoskins Brother
6/15/12 Phil Mitchell
6/8/12 Herb Reese New Comandment www.newcommandment.org
6/1/12 John Conrads
5/25/12 Richard Honey The Well www.twow.org
5/18/12 Ariel ben-Lyman HaNaviy Messianic Jew www.graftedin.com
5/11/12 Craig Redd Strong Tower Ministry www.stmreentry.org
5/4/12 Gene Emmons
4/27/12 Rick Roberts
4/20/12 Bruce Merriweather 2nd Baptist Church
4/13/12 Charles King
4/6/12 Hal & Pastor Doug Good Friday
3/30/12 Gary Preston Rock Creek Church www.rockcreekchurch.org
3/23/12 Richard Honey The Well www.twow.org
3/16/12 Doug White, Pastor New Day, God’s Feeding Station www.godsfeedingstation.org
3/9/12 Henry Lokay New Day, God’s Feeding Station www.godsfeedingstation.org
3/2/12 Dave Wardell
2/24/12 Bettie Nunally 2nd Baptist
2/17/12 Jim Mesmer Christian Brother God Has a Plan.  How do I fit in?
2/10/12 Rich Bledsoe Minister Valentines Day Celebrated
2/3/12 Gene Binder Rabbi, Pastor Cornerstone Church The Great Snow Storm
1/27/12 Darv Smith
1/20/12 Ed Baker
1/13/12 Roc Dietz
1/6/12 Victor Pearn Poet, Brother
12/30/11 Michael Guthrie, Rev. Chaplain Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center
12/23/11 Richard Honey The Well www.twow.org
12/16/11 Pastor Chad Kohlmeyer Atonement Lutheran Church Madagascar Church
12/9/11 Hal Riggs New Testament Definition of Worship
12/2/11 Ariel ben-Lyman HaNaviy Messianic Jew www.graftedin.com
11/25/11 Bud Frith Glory Community www.glorycommunity.org
11/18/11 Doug White, Pastor New Day, God’s Feeding Station www.godsfeedingstation.org
11/11/11 Hal Riggs Armed Services
11/4/11 Ivan Sagal School of Biblical Restoration
10/28/11 Bill Honsberger Haven Ministries www.havenministry.com
10/21/11 Lane Ernest Cruise Ship Missionary
10/14/11 Hansford Vann Pastor Mucho Emeritus
10/7/11 Rich Bledsoe Minister
9/30/11 Doug Gifford African Mission
9/23/11 Richard Honey The Well www.twow.org
9/16/11 Rick Roberts Christian Brother
9/9/11 Dick Chanda Spanish Mission
9/2/11 Sean Harte Boulder House of Prayer
8/26/11 Gene Emmons Christian Brother
8/19/11 Phil Mitchell
8/12/11 Fitsum Hailu
8/5/11 Dave Humphrey Christian Brother
7/29/11 Albus Brooks Director, Issachar Denver;  Denver City Councilman www.issachardenver.org
7/22/11 Michael Guthrie, Rev. Chaplain Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center
7/15/11 Mike Spivey
7/8/11 Aaron Brechtel Resurrection Church
7/1/11 J.R. (Jason) Rice Sola Scriptura Ministries www.thescripturealone.com
6/24/11 Michael Guthrie, Rev. Chaplain Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center
6/17/11 Jim Cook Christians in the Biz World:  ethics & integrity Part II
6/10/11 Joe Herzanek Changing Lives Foundation
6/3/11 John Conrads Christian Brother
5/27/11 Richard Honey The Well
5/20/11 Rich Bledsoe Minister
5/13/11 Jamie Ramge Pioneers to the Quechua, Bolivia www.pioneers.org
5/6/11 Jim Cook Academic Connections www.AcademicConnectionsGCM.org
4/29/11 Chris Thomas Ravencrest Ministry www.ravencrest.org
4/22/11 Hal Riggs Good Friday
4/15/11 Brian Cabral C.U. Football
4/8/11 Jim Cook Christians in the Biz World:  ethics & integrity
4/1/11 J.R. (Jason) Rice Sola Scriptura Ministries www.thescripturealone.com
3/25/11 Russ Minary Christian brother
3/18/11 Cary Mayo www.theGenerationsChurch.com
3/11/11 Ken Watmore www.project323.org
3/4/11 Pete Nelson Whitefield Church
2/25/11 Ed & Ed Reinhart
2/18/11 Art DeBruyn Chrestview Church http://www.crestviewchurch.org
2/11/11 Gene Binder Valentine’s Day
2/4/11 Ed Albiniak Christian brother, former trucker
1/28/11 Mark McIntosh www.SeekVictory.com
1/21/11 Sean Harte Boulder House of Prayer
1/14/11 Doug White New Day Church
1/7/11 Richie Furray Cavalry Chapel
12/31/10 Dana Alford The Case for Christ Part 2
12/24/10 Christmas Thoughts from selected members, lead by Hal Riggs
12/17/10 Dana Alford The Case for Christ Part 1
12/10/10 Aaron Brechtel Pstr. Resurrection Church-CU
12/3/10 Vaughn Huckfeldt Project Love: Natl Policy Analysis Center
11/26/10 Hal Riggs BMCF
11/19/10 Fitsum Hailu Campus Ministries, Grace Christian, Ft. Collins
11/12/10 Charles Coffey African Mission
11/7/10 Jerry Gibson Tribute & Farewell, 2nd Baptist, 3-5pm
11/5/10 Jerry Gibson Part 5 of 5
10/29/10 Rick Roberts Poet:  Dreamer & the Dream
10/22/10 Joe Truitt Rocky Mountain Christian Church
10/15/10 Jerry Gibson Part 4 of 5
10/8/10 Jerry Gibson Part 3 of 5
10/1/10 Doug White New Day Covenant Church
9/24/10 Vern Warkenthien Christian Brother
9/17/10 Jerry Gibson Part 2 of 5
9/10/10 Gene Emmons Christian Brother
9/3/10 Richard Honey Pastor of the Well, Longmont
8/27/10 Jerry Gibson Part 1 of 5
8/20/10 Don Oberbeck Motorcycle Missionary
8/13/10 Bob Hathaway Retired BSF Teaching leader
8/6/10 Richard Honey Pastor of the Well, Longmont
7/30/10 Joe Herzanek Boulder County Jail
7/23/10 Ron Vogel Teacher
7/16/10 Richard Honey Pastor of the Well, Longmont
7/9/10 Brian Cabral U of C Football
7/2/10 Bob Dugan, World Access Project Mexico Wheelchair Mission trip
6/25/10 Dave Holland Christian Brother
6/18/10 Steve Laufman Christian Brother
6/11/10 Rick Roberts Christian Brother
6/4/10 Richard Honey Pastor of the Well, Longmont
5/28/10 Nate Wright
5/21/10 Wes Tucker Islam Awareness
5/14/10 Bruce Welander Faith Community Lutheran Church
5/7/10 Dave Holland Christian Brother
4/30/10 John Conrads Christian Brother
4/23/10 Alabama Glass Faith, Family & Football – in that order
4/16/10 Jim Messmer Christian Brother
4/9/10 Doug Gifford Kenyan Missionary
4/2/10 Hal Riggs Good Friday
3/26/10 George Houssney Horizons International
3/19/10 Steve Higgins Christian Brother
3/12/10 Roc Dietz Christian Brother
3/5/10 Rich St. Dennis World Access Project
2/26/10 Hal Riggs
2/19/10 Dick Miller Epiphany Anglican Fellowship
2/12/10 Bill McCartney Vallentines Day
2/5/10 David Holland 2nd Baptist Christian Brother
1/29/10 Karen Jenkins
1/22/10 Dave Sutton Presbyterian Church of Broomfield
1/15/10 Aaron Brechtel Pstr. Resurrection Church
1/8/10 Ed Fuller Christian Brother
1/1/10 New Years – no meeting
12/25/09 Christmas – no meeting
12/18/09 Doug Jensen Christian Brother
12/11/09 Mike Miller Christian Brother
12/4/09 Todd Sherman Ridge Com. Church
11/27/09 J.B. Hall Christian Athletes, Pstr. 2nd Baptist
11/20/09 John McGarity Christian Brother
11/13/09 Ed McQueen Rocky Mtn Christian Church Pastor of Pastoral Care (Seniors, Men, Prayer, Premarital, Weddings, Funerals)
11/6/09 Hansford Van Don’t Worry
10/30/09 Hal Riggs Christian Brother
10/23/09 Reverend Bob Toll Louisville United Methodist Church
10/16/09 Fr. Herman Pastor, St. Martin de Porres
10/9/09 Bob Hathaway Retired BSF Teaching leader
10/2/09 Chris Thomas Ravencrest Ministry
9/25/09 Fuzzy Whitehead BCMF Brother
9/18/09 Richard Honey Pastor of the Well, Longmont
9/11/09 Gene Emmons Christian Brother
9/4/09 Albus Brooks Christian Brother
8/28/09 Eric Wolf Cross Ministry Group
8/21/09 Jim Cook InterVarsity Faculty Ministry
8/14/09 Gene Binder Cornerstone Church
8/7/09 Nathan Charlan Community Church of Golden
7/31/09 Gene Binder Cornerstone Church
7/24/09 Jane Filkins 1st Pres
7/17/09 Joe Herzanek Chaplain, Boulder County Jail
7/10/09 Mike Miller Promise Keepers
7/3/09 Hal Riggs Hal Rigs – 4th of July
6/26/09 Robert Pallath Youth With A Mission
6/19/09 Dave Wardell Every Living Creature
6/12/09 John Hess 1st Presbyterian
6/5/09 Rich Bledsoe Minister
5/29/09 Adam Gomez Changed Forever Ministries
5/22/09 Drew Clark Christian world view
5/15/09 Bill Armstrong Colorado Christian University
5/8/09 Pete Nelson Whitefields Church
5/1/09 Mike Miller Promise Keepers
4/24/09 Nate Wright U of C Recruiting & Access
4/17/09 Dan Morgan 1st Pres Afghan Ministry
4/10/09 Jerry & Hal Good Friday
4/3/09 Roger Love BCMF Brother
3/27/09 snow storm – cancelled
3/20/09 Gene Emmons BCMF Brother – will back up
3/13/09 Ron Underwood BCMF Brother
3/6/09 Doug Jensen BCMF Brother
2/27/09 Bill Honsberger
2/20/09 Mark Johnson 850 KOA
2/13/09 Hansford Vann Valentine’s!!!  Bring wives!!!
2/6/09 Joe Aravay Chiropractor
1/30/09 Rick Roberts BCMF Brother
1/23/09 Fuzzy Whitehead BCMF Brother
1/16/09 Joe Herzanek Chaplain, Boulder County Jail
1/9/09 Patrick Gray BCMF Brother
1/2/09 Jerry Gibson World Wide Missions
12/26/08 Ed Albiniak BCMF Brother
12/19/08 Doug Gifford BCMF Brother
12/12/08 John Altfeltis BCMF Brother
12/5/08 Darv Smith
11/28/08 Darrel Baugh
11/21/08 Keith Vandergreff 1st Presbyterian – Missions
11/14/08 Jamie Ramge Pioneers to the Quechua, Bolivia
11/7/08 Dennis Paul Christian Brother
10/31/08 Rick Roberts
10/24/08 Steve Laufman Christian Brother
10/17/08 Jerry Gibson
10/10/08 Paul Ernst Christian Brother, Apologist
10/3/08 Larry Chartrand BCMF Brother
9/17/08 Joe Harvey Lifebridge Church
9/10/08 Jeff Robinson Life Choices, Longmont
9/3/08 Gene Emmons BCMF
8/27/08 open
8/20/08 Bob Hathaway ret BSF teacher
8/13/08 Heny Chou Chinese Evanjelica Free Church
8/6/08 Sonny Castilleja Agape Praise & Worship Center
7/30/08 Garid McGraw Businessman
7/23/08 Joe Ramey Gidian Bible, Longmont
7/16/08 Hansord Van Second Baptist
7/9/08 John Conrads BCMF
7/2/08 Hal Riggs BCMF
6/27/08 Phil Mitchell Colorado Christian University
6/24/08 Don Moore Trinity Baptist Church
6/20/08 Gene Binder Cornerstone Church
6/13/08 John McGarity, Ed Fuller Lay Service
6/6/08 Roy Willingham Ghana Christian University College
5/30/08 Mike Spivey CU Football Chaplain
5/23/08 Patrick Grey BCMF
5/16/08 Sheila Johnson Shorter AME Church
5/9/08 Sam Watne Harvest Church
5/2/08 Gabe Kingsly Cornerstone Youth Pastor
4/25/08 Pete Nelson Whitefields Community Church
4/18/08 Doug Jensen BCMF
4/11/08 David Heitman The Creative Alliance
4/4/08 Jerry Gibson World Wide Missions
12/28/07 Richie Furray Cavalry Chapel
12/21/07 Phil Mitchell Colorado Christian Church
12/14/07 Chris Thomas Ravencrest Ministry
12/7/07 Jack Burson Kairos Ministry
11/30/07 Doug White New Day Covenant Church
11/23/07 Hal Riggs BCMF
11/16/07 Donnie Bennett Longmont Christian School
11/9/07 Mike Spivey Christian Brother
11/2/07 Jerry Gibson World Wide Missions OUtreach
10/26/07 Gene Binder Cornerstone CHurch
9/28/07 Paul Ernst 1st Pres
9/21/07 Doug Gifford BCMF – Kenya
9/14/07 Hansford Vann Second Baptist
9/7/07 Gene Emmons BCMF
8/31/07 Jerry Gibson World Wide
8/24/07 Dick Chanda ZOE
8/17/07 Gene Binder Cornerstone Church
8/10/07 Darv Smith BCMF
8/3/07 Doug White New Day Church
7/27/07 Gary Reid BCMF
7/20/07 Josh Plumley Student Venture
7/13/07 Phil Mitchell Colorado Christian College
7/6/07 George Houssney Horizon Ministies
6/29/07 Roc Dietz BCMF
6/22/07 Paul Ernst
6/15/07 Hansford Van Scond Baptist
6/8/07 Brian Sheehan Marked Men for Christ
6/1/07 Ron Underwood BCMF
5/25/07 Charles King BCMF
5/18/07 Bud Frith The Bible Box
5/11/07 Gary Reid Islamic Imperialism
5/4/07 Doug Jensen BCMF
4/27/07 Donnie Bennet Longmont Christian School
4/20/07 Pete Nelson White Fields Church
4/13/07 Doug White New Day Church
4/6/07 John Altfeltis BCMF
3/30/07 Gary Reid BCMF
3/23/07 Steve Lang Christian Church of Broomfield
3/16/07 Gary Reid BCMF
3/9/07 Mike Spivey CU Football Chaplain
3/2/07 Hal Riggs BCMF
2/23/07 Jerry Gibson World Wide Mission Outreach
2/16/07 Bill McCartney Promise Keepers
2/9/07 Gene Binder Cornerstone Church
2/2/07 Donnie Bennett Longmont Christian School
1/26/07 Wes Tucker Islam Awareness
1/19/07 Dana Alford BCMF
1/12/07 Geoffrey Gorsuch Many Ministries
1/5/07 George Houssney Horizon Ministries
12/29/05 Ray Donatucci Young Life
12/22/05 Music Will, Ed & Eric
12/15/05 Gene Selander Crystal Clear Ministries
12/8/05 Albus Brooks Christian Brother
12/1/05 Sam Nein BCMF
11/24/05 Charles King BCMF
11/17/05 Kris Cheek Berean Fellowship
11/10/05 Ed & Ed Reinhart Christian Brother
11/3/05 Rich Bledsoe Boulder Minister
10/27/05 Manuel Budu Adjei Pres. Ghana Christian U
10/20/05 Phil Mitchell CU Professor
10/13/05 Jaime Ramge Bolivia
10/6/05 Hansford Vann Second Baptist
9/30/05 Jerry Gibson World Wide Ministries
9/23/05 Bob Ritzer Chaplain-Hospice
9/16/05 Gene Binder Cornerstone Church
9/9/05 Sheila Johnston Shorter AME
9/2/05 Ed & Ed Reinhart BCMF
8/26/05 Doug Gifford BCMF
8/19/05 George Houssney Horizons Ministry
8/12/05 Dick Chanda ZOE
8/5/05 Dave Wardell Promise Keepers
7/29/05 Rich St. Denis Mobility Project
7/22/05 Phil Mitchell U of C
7/15/05 Steve Bruns pastor-Norway
7/8/05 John Hess 1st Pres
7/1/05 Doug Jensen BCMF
9/24/04 Richie Furray Cavalry Chapel
9/17/04 Philip Porter Promise Keepers
9/10/04 Bob Baker Vine Life
9/3/04 Debra Engquist Atonement Lutheran
8/27/04 Dave Wardell Promise Keepers
8/20/04 Adrian Boykin Calvary Bible
8/13/04 Sheila Johnson Life SOurce
8/6/04 Herb Reese New COmmandment
7/30/04 Curt Chanda Zoe Ministries
7/23/04 Rich St. Dennis Mobility Project
7/16/04 Russ Minary BCMF
7/9/04 Men’s Quartet Broomfield Christian
7/2/04 George Houssney Horizon Ministries
6/25/04 Hal Riggs
6/18/04 Harvey Friesen BV Christian
6/11/04 Jerry Gibson World Wide Ministries
6/4/04 Ed & Ed Reinhart BCMF
5/28/04 Martin Crain Westminster Nazarene
5/21/04 Curtis Miller Worship Center Brighton
5/14/04 Mark Bunge Eternal Savior Lutheran
5/7/04 Dick Chanda ZOE Ministries
4/30/04 Dana Alford BCMF
4/23/04 Leo Kasid In Christ Ministries
4/16/04 Jimmy Lakey The Point
4/9/04 Jerry & Hal Good Friday
4/2/04 Gene Binder Cornerstone Church
3/26/04 Bill Honsberger Haven Ministries
3/19/04 Steve Long
3/12/04 Eric Wolfe Student Venture
3/5/04 Mike Painter Student Venture
2/27/04 Tom Moyer BCMF
2/20/04 O’Kelly and Crouse Gospel Music
2/13/04 Hansford Van Second Baptist
2/6/04 Jim Messmer BCMF
1/30/04 Jonathon Hopkins
1/23/04 Ed Albiniak BCMF
1/16/04 John McGarity BCMF
1/9/04 Ivan Martin Missionary Zimbabwe
1/2/04 Doug Jensen BCMF
9/26/03 Rich St. Dennis Mobility Project
9/19/03 Richie Furray Calvary Chapel
9/12/03 Jim Messmer BCMF
9/5/03 Doug Gifford BCMF
8/29/03 Dick Chanda BCMF
8/22/03 Ed & Ed Reinhart BCMF
8/15/03 Will Rutledge BCMF
8/8/03 Walt Robertson Vinelife Fellowship
8/1/03 Farland Bottoms Christian Brother
7/25/03 Joseph Lopez Missionary Teacher
7/18/03 John Conrads BCMF
7/11/03 Chris Thomas Ravencrest
7/4/03 Hansford Van Second Baptist
6/27/03 Roger Heath BCMF
6/20/03 Dave Curry BCMF
6/13/03 Debra Engquist Atonement Lutheran
6/6/03 Gene Binder Cornerstone Church
5/30/03 Jim Cook Campus Crusade
5/23/03 Don Whipple Calvary E. Free
5/16/03 Joseph Arvey
5/9/03 Capt. Lisa Smith Salvation Army
5/2/03 Dwayne Bartley Mt View Baptist
4/25/03 Don Wilcox Campus Crusade
4/18/03 Sam Watne Harvest Baptist
4/11/03 Farland Bottoms Christian Brother
4/4/03 George Houssney Horizon Ministries
3/28/03 Sam Williams Tango Investments
3/21/03 Peter Barnes 1st Pres
3/14/03 Geoffrey Gorsuch Navigators
3/7/03 Jerry Gibson World Wide Ministries
2/28/03 Rick Rusaw Lifebridge Christian Church
2/21/03 Don Wipple Clavary Evangelical
2/14/03 2nd Baptist Men’s Choir Valentines
2/7/03 Steve Lang Broomfield Christian
1/31/03 Fuzzy Whitehead Straight Ahead Ministries
1/24/03 Jamie Ramge Denver Seminary
1/17/03 Dwayne Bartley Mt View Baptist
1/10/03 Herb Reese Mens Ministries
1/3/03 Martie McMane 1st Congregational