Rotating MCs?

Why not have men rotate through the role of Master of Ceremonies?

We all love Hal and Darrell, their feelings for the Lord, their knowledge of the Word, their humor, their sincere friendship with all the men.  May God continue to bless them.

I’ve talked to Hal about it and he denies having any personal vested interest in the role.  Darrell has filled the role for years, can not make it every Friday and has difficulty hearing all that’s said.

There would be some benefits of sharing the responsibility, the opportunity, of leading the meeting, speaking in public.

The components of the meeting we’re typically used to are:

  • Call the meeting to order at 6:45.
  • Acknowledge and introduce guests and returning alumni
  • Prayer or call for prayer
  • Pledge
  • Que up the musical praise
  • Speaker introduction (by the MC or someone else)
  • Speaker
  • MC thanks the speaker
  • Conduct Prayer & Praise time, calling on members
  • Wrap-up and
  • Prayer or call for prayer. (7:45)

Just as our different speakers every week give us a new perspective on the living God, different MCs would spread the responsibility, give different folks the practice of speaking in public and add a different personality and perspective to our fellowship and worship.

Your thoughts?

In Him,


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