Dick Chanda/ZOE note

Last weekend’s Women’s Seminar was wonderful…and we believe that the Lord was glorified.

Among the 20+ attendees (Egyptian, Iraqi, Algerian, Tunisian,….), three salvations, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, several healings and many women set free from various bondages. Praise the Lord.

Always amusing, as well as amazing, to see how God works. Two of the salvations were men…at a women’s seminar, no less! The hotel manager and his wife’s brother, both Coptics, gave their lives to the Lord, joining the manager’s wife in the Kingdom. The third was a college-age student who came with her mother.

Two of the three new Kingdom members, Abanob, left, and Ellia(Isaiah)

Thank you to all who held this event up in prayer….we can all share in the “spoils” of victory!

Now for this next weekend!

blessings, dick and ginny

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