Letter from Darv and Carol Smith 4/25/14

Hi All

Darv asked that I post this letter:

Dear Brothers from Boulder Men’s Christian Fellowship, April 25, 2014

Greetings from Boulder, CO where Carol & I are currently based. We have lead and served under Youth With A Mission / University of the Nations / and Addictive Behavior Ministries International (ABMI) full-time since 1989. During these 25 years, we have been grateful for the encouragement & prayer support of BMCF. We have trained over 700 students as addiction counselors. They have come from over 60 different countries. We have also done training in many other counseling training schools & ministries globally.

Darv has been very active in serving in leadership with International Substance Abuse & Addiction Coalition (ISAAC) since it began in 1997. ISAAC is a networking organization for Christian leaders working in the addiction field from many global ministries. We are very grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for this opportunity to serve and be blessed in these ministries.

I have worked over 20 years in many rural hospitals, mostly in west TX providing emergency medical care as a means of earning money for ABMI. This has been a major support for ABMI international travel and operating expenses.

Carol and I have been invited and encouraged to write a book with Our Story. We feel that this would include the stories of those we have trained to work in addiction recovery globally. This may take 1-2 years while continuing most of our ABMI ministry. We have already attended 3 weeks of a writing school.

We are in the process of going through a major change in our lives. Darv will be phasing out of his ER work to focus with Carol on writing our book.

Our main expense has been for international airfares and for teaching materials. We would like to ask for your prayers for us during this transitional period. With less income we would like you to pray about possibly donating to ABMI (501-(3)-(c) non-profit organization) for tax deductible donations. This may be single or monthly donation. Carol processes these donations and will provide needed receipts. We are grateful for the partial support of First Pres of Boulder.

Blessings, Darv & Carol

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