Ramge Greetings from Bolivia

Dear friends and prayer warriors,

We arrived back in Bolivia on October 8th with no complications.  It took a while to find a place to live but in the meantime, God provided a guesthouse from another mission for us to live in.  We had co-workers looking for six months prior to coming back for a house with a place to park a car, but they found nothing.  We looked in the newspapers and realty companies but only found two places with room to park a car (behind gates for security).  It probably seems strange to you that in a city of over 350,000 people that we could only find two places with room for a car but that is the way it is here as most do not have cars.  We wanted to find a house but settled for an apartment on the third floor of a four story apartment building that is five minutes outside the city.  No elevator so it is good exercise.  Praise God for His provision!

We still have a bedroom and a shared room for cooking in the village of Pila Torre where we lived for the last three years before coming to the United States. (We decided to keep this since the rent is only seven dollars per month and we still work in this area and will occasionally need a place to sleep).

We have touched base with most of the Quechua villages that we had been working in but for the last month have been very busy with legal paperwork.  As members of a foreign mission we have to do this paperwork every year and it takes about a month. We have 4 major documents to prepare that require all sorts of legal documents, lawyers, pictures, background checks and much more.  We hope to get a newsletter out by the end of February or March and will give you more details for the upcoming year and pictures.

Prayer requests:

1) to finish all the legal documents

2) for a potential new Compassion International project that we are helping to get started

3) for Susan’s preparation to teach in the Christian school Vida y Luz (Life and Light) in 2015

4) for Jamie’s preparation to teach Bible Doctrine to the leaders in the Quechua villages

5) We are praying for individuals or groups to come to Bolivia.  We have 250 short wave radios that we need to be brought down.  If anyone is interested, please let us know by e-mail.  There are many different opportunities for short term ministry while you are down here.

Thank you and God bless you,

Jamie and Susan Ramge

Jamie – jrquechua@msn.com

Susan – srquechua@msn.com

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