Bert Robinson bio:

After graduating from the University of Colorado in 1981, Bert worked for 20 years with Student Venture as a youth specialist and family counselor, effectively connecting with a wide range of young people and adults.  During the mid 90’s he launched Choices & Challenges, a series of motivational programs that opened doors for him to speak in public schools in the US as well as internationally. The past 10 years he worked in Human Resources and Leadership Development for Campus Crusade for Christ while working with highly successful entrepreneurs and businessmen around the nation in the Mentors’ Forum to engage and equip top student leaders on university campuses in character skills through a personal faith in Christ. 

Bert has recently started Corporate Core in Colorado, a service to improve the well being of businesses, corporations, and organizations by helping people discover their strengths and connecting with God in their professional and personal lives.  Bert has his Bachelor’s Degrees in psychology and history with a Masters in Spiritual Formation and is the father of four and husband of one.  He and Karey, his wife of 30 years, currently live in the Longmont, Colorado.  

Grafted into Isra’el

A Series on Practical Messianic Living and Apologetics (halakhah)

By Torah Teacher Ariel ben-Lyman HaNaviy


Grafted into Isra’el

A Short Commentary


(Note: all quotations are taken from the Complete Jewish Bible, translation by David H. Stern, Jewish New Testament Publications, Inc., unless otherwise noted)

*Updated: November 10, 2005

Nearly 1900 years ago, the Apostle Paul (a.k.a. Rav Sha’ul) found himself being challenged by the risen Yeshua on a most important mission.  Our LORD chose to commission this Pharisaic Jew with an urgent message to the Gentiles:

“However, to those of you who are Gentiles I say this: Continue reading

Dick Chanda/ZOE note

Last weekend’s Women’s Seminar was wonderful…and we believe that the Lord was glorified.

Among the 20+ attendees (Egyptian, Iraqi, Algerian, Tunisian,….), three salvations, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, several healings and many women set free from various bondages. Praise the Lord.

Always amusing, as well as amazing, to see how God works. Two of the salvations were men…at a women’s seminar, no less! The hotel manager and his wife’s brother, both Coptics, gave their lives to the Lord, joining the manager’s wife in the Kingdom. The third was a college-age student who came with her mother.

Two of the three new Kingdom members, Abanob, left, and Ellia(Isaiah)

Thank you to all who held this event up in prayer….we can all share in the “spoils” of victory!

Now for this next weekend!

blessings, dick and ginny