Nobles’ Prayer Update mid-September

Dear praying friends,
Thank you for continuing to pray for us! Please continue to pray for the boys as they settle into their new school. It’s a great school, but it isn’t easy to adjust all over again to new friends, a new homework routine, etc. Nate’s in middle school now, which is an age with special challenges! Thankfully he made the Junior Varsity soccer team. As one of the younger players, he won’t get to play as much, but he gets to train with the Varsity team and an excellent coach. Pete made the elementary basketball team as he waits for his soccer season to start. Tim and I are so thankful for the Christian role models at school. Please pray the boys will respond spiritually.
Please pray for our travels; for the boys to continue enjoying going up to Tha Rua church on weekends so we can stay involved as a family; and for safety on the roads.
Because: things are happening!
With encouragement from Will and MengEn, the Pha Chi group is growing slowly. Please pray for the believers there, and for outreach to share God’s love with others who don’t know it.
Meanwhile, the Tha Rua church is growing and the sanctuary gets crowded on Sundays! When the children leave for Sunday School, the worship team needs their chairs so they can sit down to listen to the sermon.
More members of the Ban Rom family are coming. Matt and Pat’s wedding was a great witness. They have committed to coming to church regularly. Now Matt is playing with the worship team, and Pat is requesting baptism and sharing the gospel with co-workers. A family from Don Phut (mentioned last update) have met another Christian in their town, and together they have requested a monthly small group in their home. Tim and Tha Rua church members have gone several times, and are excited to see visitors join. We are praying that this will eventually become a church. Tha Rua church leaders have committed to leading a small group once a week, rotating between homes where they can help Christians witness to their community, hoping to see where other new churches can start.
This last Sunday, the “Youth” groups from Lopburi, Saraburi, Singburi and Tha Rua joined together for an outreach at the market in Don Phut! They put together some children’s activities, passed out tracts and sang songs and shared testimonies in the middle of the market. It was probably a bit overwhelming for such a small town (about 7000 people altogether in the district) to have such a large influx of Christians (about 50 altogether!) eager to tell about the hope we have in Jesus. While the group was singing one song, I went over to talk with a security guard who was watching everything and he gave me a “thumbs up”. May he and many others who heard the gospel turn their hearts toward Christ.
We are thrilled to be part of these new developments. Please pray as we’re discovering the most strategic part God wants us to play in what He is doing here!
Grace and Peace to all of you.
Tim and Brenda, with Nate and Pete
“By God’s Grace we aim to see a movement of biblical Thai Christian communities growing into churches, characterized by MISSION*, spreading throughout Ayutthaya and to the ends of the earth.”

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